Quotes: About Coffee


The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks.

(Sir James Mackintosh)

Coffee: The most important meal of the day.


Depresso: The feeling you get when you’ve run out of coffee.


You can’t buy happiness but you can buy coffee and that’s pretty close.


Decaffinated coffee is just useless brown water.


Déjà Brew: The feeling that you’ve had this coffee before.

(Author Unknown)

Coffee is a language in itself

(Jackie Chan)

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.

(Henry Rollins)

Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven.

(Jessi Lane Adams)

Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin!

(/Author Unknown)

Be a coffee-drinking individual — espresso yourself!

(Author Unknown)

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard.

(Anne Spencer)

In America you can buy bucket-sized cups of coffee in any flavour you like other than coffee-flavour.

(Author Unknown)

A yawn is a silent scream for coffee.

(Author Unknown)

Coffee is a hug in a mug.

(Author Unknown)

I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine!

(Author Unknown)

If it ain’t caffeinated, it ain’t coffee!

(Author Unknown)

Actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis — a good hot cup of coffee.

(Alexander King)

Retirement is one great big giant coffee break.

(Author Unknown)

I just realized I’m not a morning person — I’m a coffee person.

(Author Unknown)

I must get up. My coffee needs me.

(Author Unknown)

Latte is French for “You just paid too much for your coffee”.


 First…for my magic trick, I shall turn this water into coffee!!


Coffee, Champagne, Coffee, Chocolate, Coffee, Cash, Coffee, Cadillac, Coffee. All the good things in life start with a “C”


Bean me up!


I cannot function in the morning with out my coffee. Therefore, if you want to talk to me, go buy me some coffee!


A great day starts with a great coffee, A great coffee starts with a great bean.








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