Holiday Cookies: Gluten-Free Chocolate Meringues

By Kim Laidlaw & Wendy Goodfriend | December 13, 2015

Gluten-Free Chocolate Meringues (Wendy Goodfriend)

Looking for a gluten-free cookie option this holiday? Trying to find a way to use up some of those extra egg whites you have? Or do you just love a good meringue?

Light and airy, crispy-chewy, and with two kinds of chocolate—both cocoa and finely chopped bittersweet chocolate—no one will think these cookies are any less extraordinary than their floury friends.

These easy-to-make meringues come together in a snap. Warming the egg whites helps dissolve the sugar, and warm whites actually whip up more fully than cold whites. Be sure to beat the egg white mixture until you get stiff peaks but the mixture remains glossy (over-whipping will result in a dry meringue).

And as with anything involving chocolate, choose a good-quality dark cocoa powder and your favorite bittersweet (or even semi-sweet) chocolate for the best results.

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Source: Holiday Cookies: Gluten-Free Chocolate Meringues | Christmas Recipes | Bay Area Bites | KQED Food