This $1,300 Connected Tea Infuser Has Raised $5.1 Million – Fortune

By Stacey Higginbotham | December 4, 2015

Is this where VC should be placing its bets?

Has the rush to build connected kitchen products that can cook, bake, and brew everything “perfectly” gone too far?

Teforia, a company that is building an Internet-connected tea infuser that is pitched as being able to brew tea customized for your taste buds, has raised $5.1 million led by UpFront Ventures with participation from Lemnos Labs, PreAngel Wareness and InnoSpring. The machine tracks earthy, floral, savory, and sweet flavor profiles as well as caffeine and antioxidant levels in loose leaf teas, and based on the user’s feedback saves those preferences in the app. When users brew a new tea that the Teforia machine recognizes, it can adjust the brew times and water temperatures to enhance preferred flavors and the chemical levels. With unknown teas it will rely on user feedback and then save the preference for the next cup.

I’ve seen the Teforia in action at a booth at the Smart Kitchen Summit last month in Seattle, and it was mobbed. It is a beautiful machine that people who have tried it assure me makes an amazing cup of tea.

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Source: This $1,300 Connected Tea Infuser Has Raised $5.1 Million – Fortune