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By Delaney Mes | December 6, 2015

As well as the scenery, Queenstown now boasts the best hot chocolate in the world, finds Delaney Mes.

Queenstown’s spectacular scenery and snow-covered mountains make it the ultimate winter destination. But there is so much more, especially when the weather is sizzling rather than severe. With an array of fabulous wineries, great cafes, and picturesque scenery featuring mountains and lakes, there is a lot to love. And right now, it’s something that will turn chocolate likers into chocolate lovers.

Koko Black, a boutique chocolate company from Australia, opened its first offshore chocolate salon in Queenstown late last year. Owner and founder Shane Yardley chose the picturesque location for a number of reasons.

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Source: Queenstown: Chocolate coated fun – Travel – NZ Herald News