Meet the women using coffee to answer all your beauty needs

By Sian Ranscombe | December 7, 2015


Next month, in the first few days of 2016, what’s the betting you or someone you know will try to give up coffee?

Even though you know the green tea alternative tastes like pond and you can’t remember whether the current wisdom is that it’s good or bad for you, you will still try and fail to cut down on that caffeine habit.

But three Australian women are looking to change the negative connotations associated with everyone’s favourite jitter-maker – in a topical sense at least.

“Coffee is good for the skin for three reasons,” says Bree Johnson, co-founder of Frank Body. “First of all, it’s full of antioxidants which are great for targeting free radicals, second of all it has the the same pH as your skin so it won’t dry it out, and finally, it helps stimulate blood flow which is good for collagen production and for helping reduce the appearance of certain skin conditions.”

Johnson founded Melbourne-based Frank Body along with fellow copywriters Erika Geraerts and Jess Hatzis in 2013 after her partner Steve Rowley, a coffee shop owner, noticed he’d had a number of older women coming into one of his cafes and asking to take away the leftover coffee grinds. Initially assuming the women wanted to use the leftovers as fertiliser in their gardens, he soon discovered the actual reason – they were using it as a body exfoliant.

Many hours of research later and the trio (along with Rowley and fifth brain behind the project Alex Boffa) discovered that besides numerous DIY coffee scrub recipes online, no companies had spotted this apparent gap in the market.

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Source: Meet the women using coffee to answer all your beauty needs